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What is this Drosera

What is this Drosera? I found it in a Sarra's pot.


I think it's a bit early to tell, but it may be capillaris or rotundifolia.
OK, Will post pic when it grows bigger..
Yeah it looks like rotundifolia to me
Updated pic...
Any more ideas?
D. rotundastickya

Definitely not D. rotundifolia. Probably D. spatulata given your location but could be anything from D. capillaris to many of the South African dews. Flowers and seed would probably give a much better clue.
Since the updated pic shows it is not a rotund, it could be capillaris. If not that, then possibly a spat, as cpbobby said. It looks very similar to my capillaris seedlings, though.
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The spot where I bought the plant has lots of different Drosera growing in the sarra pots if that helps. At the moment I like capillaris but it could change.
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New pic... looks more like a spatulata now! :lol:

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Any more ideas or will i need to wait till it flowers?
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Spatulata or tokaiensis.
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New pic! It is sending up a flower spike so that will hopefully help identify it.

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New pic... flower spike getting bigger!

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It has flowered! Now do you know....


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No ideas?? I thought that you would have some now....
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OK, i have seeds so i guess that it is Spatulata.



And that fly walked into the pic without me noticing it! We have a plague of flies here. :(
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I agree it is spatulata.
It could be tokaiensis though, which is really similar, and often self-seeds...
It seems a bit small for tokaiensis, so I guessed spatulata.