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what is Nepenthes predator

Iv seen videos and pics of a plant called nepenthes predator what are the parents of this plant?
a hybrid of truncata and hamata.
more specifically.. N. truncata x hamata. In that order..
Thanks for telling me, its a great looking plant
a smidge of both..
Yeah, they are pretty rare. I can tell you this, you won't find them for sale any time soon. The only place would be checking with private growers to see if they're willing to sell a cutting.
May I please interesting everyone participating in this thread in a website called cpphotofinder.com which is actively maintained by one of our own. On it, Bob maintains a list of pictures taken of various CPs. You can choose which genus (Nepenthes, Drosera, etc.) to view on the left side, and on the page of each hybrid in the title once you select either a species or hybrid, it is listed which species went into making the hybrid when known.
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