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What Clone am I?

So I recently received a cutting of a beautiful N. x Briggsiana from Huntington Gardens and I don't know what clone it is. They told me the plant originally came from Leo Song. Excuse the no lids. All the pitchers didn't have them because kids tore them all off. Does anyone know what clone it is based off of these pitchers? Thanks!

The tag said exactly this:
N. burkei
x Marabin
N. lowii

then to the right of that part it said

= N. x briggsiana

I believe their label is incorrect and that this plant is actually N. ventricosa x Marabin N. lowii. My reasoning for this is that N. burkei x N. lowii has never been done with the exception of once and that plant is believed to have been a colorful ventricosa.

So my question still remains... What form of N. x Briggsiana is this plant?

N. x Briggsiana by mcmcnair, on Flickr

N. x Briggsiana 2 by mcmcnair, on Flickr
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Could just be a non-registered x briggsiana clone. No way of telling without provenace.
well the tag said N. burkei x Marabin N. lowii = N. x Briggsiana if that helps
Then, if the tag was accurate the plant would actually be N. burkei x (lowii x ventricosa) and not X briggsiana at all.
It was formatted like this on the tag
N. burkei
x Marabin = N. x Briggsiana
N. lowii

From my understanding it was saying burkei x lowii is briggsiana and considering burkei and some forms of ventricosa are quite similar and in some circles synonomous their tag was mislabeled.
N. x briggsiana = lowii x ventricosa and vice versa. N. burkei is not involved in the hybrid N. x briggsiana unless the original hybrids were were actually N. burkei x ventricosa (and vice versa) rather than N. ventricosa x lowii.
I realize that burkei is not involved in N. x briggsiana. What I'm saying is that burkei x lowii has not been done and the only one that has is believed to actually be ventricosa x lowii. I'm saying that I am 99% sure their plant s N. x briggsiana, not N. burkei x lowii.
Then, I am totally confused about this post Mason. I thought it started out with you trying to figure out what N. x briggsiana clone this plant was which you have subsequently stated isn't X briggsiana at all. Please clarify the direction of this. It would be very interesting if it could be proven that this plant was indeed N.burkei x lowii.
I've edited the original post to try and clarify things. Sorry for the confusion Johnny :p
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Did you ask the Huntington staff to elaborate on the plant's labeling? I've often seen plant tags badly misinterpreted and written incorrectly, often because the person labeling the plant is acting on vaguely remembered verbal communication, or rewriting a badly faded old tag.
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I have seen this plant. I believe they have it out in the general viewing area. I think I remember from the tag it being a hybrid with brig and burkei. You should shoot Dylan an email and I'm sure he can clear things up. It's a sweet plant either way!