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What are you listening to right now?

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Yamasuki singers

These pseudo Japanese songs were composed by two Belgian guys. Whether good or bad, I didn't know this album in 1971. People say "weird, ridiculous, crazy, bizarre, odd, strange, gibberish..." Probably it was an experimental project.
The screaming guy in the first track, I can catch the half of his talk. Musicians may be geniuses at language.

01. Yamasuki
This song was played in an American movie that related to Fargo (movie).
The related scenes:

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (I don't watch this movie.)

Fargo (movie)

You can also watch/have watched the same location in Fargo TV series Season 1 Episode 4 & 6.

07. Yama Yama
This song was played in the season 2 episode 3 of Fargo TV series.

11, 02:

11 & 02 have been played as the theme songs on a popular cooking program(farmers' cuisines) with Japanese public broadcasting (NHK)「まんぷく農家メシ」.

And 11 was performed in YA-NE-SEN a Go Go (rotoscope animation).
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The new Eddy Current Suppression Ring lp.
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Several months ago, I referred to this song (movie: a war movie without battle scenes) when I discussed with a friend about the historical issues that are so complicated that Japan has not yet come up with any ideas for solutions.

For some reason, I've been listening to this song in mourning for the last two months.


As you know, on the right is David Bowie.


The left half of the body is David Bowie.

Piano version

Ryuichi Sakamoto himself is playing the piano.
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I'm in full Christmas mode currently. Listening to some of the oldies that I grew up with like Tennessee Ernie Ford. Awesome voice.
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Been on a GG Allin kick for the past 2 weeks my neighbors probably think im a wing nut haha. My neps dont seem to mind..
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Been on a GG Allin kick for the past 2 weeks my neighbors probably think im a wing nut haha. My neps dont seem to mind..
lol ! (keeping the thread alive)