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Watering too often...

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Have you repotted it recently or tried fertilizing? If it doesn't have pitchers you'll be unable to feed it insects, so I'd try some liquid feed. Provided you already have decent light, temperatures, and humidity, that is.

The humidity is the problem. I don't have anywhere humid to put it, so I just hang it from a tree in my front yard and the humidity is really how. I've taken a few cuttings and some of the internodes at the base are growing. Are there any brands of feed you would recommend?
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I have an increasing number of very big Nepenthes living outside and I always cover whatever they may be growing in with a 2"+ layer of pure coco peat to prevent drying. it works well and I water them about every 3 or 4 weeks.
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Mulching does seem to an adequate approach, I'd say. Thanks for the affirmation, Morbus et. al.

I was also thinking... *dangerous*

My sphagnum is loosely packed (i.e. not packed at all) which is a good thing for air, but a bad thing for drying out too quickly. I am thinking about just mushy it down more, adding more to the top ("mulching") and seeing how long that will run me. How compacted is too compacted when it comes to live LFSM for a media?
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Maybe the high CEC of turface makes it eventually saturated with mineral salts?