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Wanted: CA native CP's w/location data

Hi everyone, I've recentley developed an affinity for native plants of CA, and I would like to have some native CP's. I only have a few CP's with location data, as this previosly wasn't a criteria for plants I grow, however I would like it for these plants, as I feel it would give me a closer connetion to them and the lands on which I roam. Not interested in Darlingtonia seeds because I have a few seedlings already, and quite frankly they're too slow for me. Drosera, Pinguicula, and Utricularia preffered, seeds as well. My grow list is available on the forum in the growlist section. I have extras of many, and can give cuttings of any. Thanks for looking, Matt
Head over to Hiouchi by the infamous covered bridge and you'll find Pinguicula macrocera and Drosera rotundifolia. Maybe even some Utricularia.

Join the California Native Plant Society.
Thanks NAN for the suggestions. I have a few locations I'm planning trips to, but not for a while. I will add that to the list. I have joined the native plant society, and am looking forward to helping propagate natives and remove invasives. Among the members I've talked with, none grow CP's.