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Villosa fridge

Hi everyone,

I have a question to those who fridge there villosa's over night..

Do you just put the plant in the fridge with out a cover on it? Dumb question I'm sure.. Just wanted to make sure. I was lucky to get a 3inch nice villosa for a killer deal.

My chamber only cools off to about 55 at night which i know thats ok but I thinking the fridge would be better.
I only did it for a little while before getting a proper cooling setup. When I did put it in the fridge I would cover it because fridges are very dry. Although covering it can cause a lot condensation which can lead to mold or rot.
Heli what kind of set up is that? Don't you have a grow tent with an ac?
Yes I do, when I first got my villosa I had it in a small tank. I soon built a cooling system with a water cooler after getting the plant.