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Video for Mato

chibae should get some of these there her speed now
:sleep: J/K

I used to have them when I was younger.
Neat critters.
I've noticed that they have interesting quirks/personalities. The little ones are really fun. They ganged up yesterday, and managed to cooperatively open their deli cup I had them in.
Here's another for everyone.

This is a video I shot from one of my RC gliders. Upside: a lot less shaky than last time, I'm learning to fly smoother, and stay in the thermals. Downside: it's 28 minutes of going in almost circles over the same hazy patch of suburbs. :D Feel free to fast forward to the last 10-15 minutes, that's when the plane seems at it's highest, somewhere around 1,000 feet above ground level. The whole flight lasted 36 minutes, a record for me. The camera battery only lasted 28 minutes. Figures!

haha nice video, Katy, and I particularly like your cityscape background for the tank. You should dub the theme from 'Arthur' over it, "When you get caught between a shell and New York City.."
Ok, that's it, I need to make a better video. :awesome:

The cityscape is a "3D" image, one of those corrugated/grooved moving dealies. It's the San Fransisco skyline- I got it from an old liquor display from way back when I worked retail. I also have an empty magnum bottle-- a GIANT wine bottle as tall as my waist. (NOTE: I do NOT, nor ever will endorse drinking. I just think that the bottle is funny.) Watch carefully, and you'll see the Transamerica building change to the Eiffel Tower and back.