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VFT Meat and Potatoes


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I have a runty little royal red VFT that I'm...well not worried, exactly...but concerned about. It doesn't get much to eat, as the traps are small, and the bugs seems to prefer the greener, brighter plants surrounding it. As such, it's growth is almost at a standstill.

So, I figured that the next couple traps that open, I'd like to hand-feed it something really good. Full of buggy nutrients (or comparable). I was thinking of using some bloodworms left over from my last Betta, but I do recall reading that, as far as fish food is concerned, bloodworms are high in fat. I have no idea what that means in regards to a CP.

So I was wondering if there were some other things to try?

Catching stuff is not high on my want-to-do list, and it would be difficult to see, much less capture, anything small enough to give it besides beetles. The only ants we have around are either giant black things about 1/2" long, or teeny little red mite-sized ants.

I want to give it the equivalent of meat and potatoes (hence the title). Something filling, full of energy, and that'll make ya fat! :D
Beautiful. Thank you Plantman. I guess I had no reason to veer away from bloodworms.
Didn't want to start a new thread for this one pic, and since it's the same plant, it seemed appropriate.

This is my Royal Red with it's deformed trap. I don't even know if it's going to open properly, lol.

Royal Red 6-14-14 by the_bugman_cometh, on Flickr

I have some strange things happening, that's for sure.
Sometimes traps don't turn out right, it isn't atypical for every one and awhile a weird trap to pop up. You only need to be concerned should it start to happen a lot.