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Venus flytrap poaching bill

Just a heads up -

In December the Governor of North Carolina will have the opportunity to sign into law a bill making the act of poaching Venus flytraps a "Class H" felony (punishable of up to 25 months in prison).

I've created a Change.org petition so the CP community has a chance to speak up on the issue and persuade the Governor to sign. In November I will take all the signatures/comments, print them off, and mail them to him. So not only will your signature and message be emailed to the Governor's office by way of Change.org, but I'll also make sure the office sees the printout.

There's already ~19 countries represented and nearly 300 signatures. Please take a moment to sign,


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Signed! I hope this effort succeeds. VFT poaching is a "Class Z" felony as far as I'm concerned.