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ventricosa x hamata problem


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
I can't figure this one out. Within the same grow tank the ventricosa has done so well that it quickly outgrew the space. It pitchered easily and never seemed fussy. In the same tank, my hamate is also growing and pitchering nicely.
Yet..the ventricosa x hamate sulks, barely grows and refuses to pitcher.
Is there something that this cross needs that it's parents don't? ???
i dont think so, so far my vent x hamata grows very quickly and pitchers quite readily. is it in the same media? pics would be great
media is the same, I'll post pics tomorrow. temps are 70 degree days to 60 degree nights with 85% humidity
I took the nep out of the tank and was ready to take pictures, unpot it for a root inspection and generally give it a once over. I got as far as taking it out of the tank. I then spotted two newly foming pitchers and decided to leave it alone. My posting here must have spooked it.
Might be the certain clone. How long have you had it?

I know that my hammy x platy (the first one I got) stopped pitchering and sulked for months. It's now starting to pick up after like 8 months lol... Yet, the second one I got (different clone I think) is doing wonderfully. Both producing basals, but the basal on the second, smaller, healthier one is growing the best. Maybe it is just the plant?
As said earlier, it might just be individual genetics. I'm giving my Nepenthes fusca all it could possibly want, and it refuses to pitcher.