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Ventricosa not thriving?

Hi guys,
I joined the forum to ask about my ventricosa (probably, could be ventrata). I've had it for a few years; love it, will get more neps when I have the space. It's grown from a tiny home depot plantling to a sizeable plant, with approximately equal sized vining and basal stems. Until recently it was doing great, with large pitchers coming off every leaf. It's in correct substrate (can't remember what, but I did research at the time), a slightly too large pot, and has done well with minimal but correct care.

A few months ago, the vining stem pitchers began to die off at a very small size -only a few millimeters. Some grow larger, but not to the size they used to be, and clearly immature pitchers are dying off. The leaves are also not as bright a green as they were. The basal shoot, on the other hand, is doing great; pitchers are steadily getting larger and the leaves are vibrant. My question is, what's going on, and how can I help?

Now, all this coincided with a move. The plant used to be on a south-facing window (I'm in Toronto, Canada), and is now in a corner where two windows meet - E and S. Could it be shock from too much sunlight? That's my only idea so far, but it doesn't explain why the basal shoot is doing fine.

Or should I have trimmed something when the basal shoot appeared? I was under the impression mature plants could support both.

Thanks for any advice!
You may have in your care an actual Hungry Nep! LOL

How often does it get insects or mild orchid fertilizer? It could be running low on nutrients, if the potting mix is a few years old it will likely be exhausted of any nutes it originally carried additionally it may have allowed too much nutrients or sodium build up over time. SO a repotting would probably be a good first step and then begin feeding pitchers or flushing the soil with orchid ferts occasionally to keep them happy and green and growing.

FYI: I use Grow More brand urea free orchid fertilizer, about 1/4 - 1/2 tea spoon to a gallon of R/O water.
Weird... I have somewhat of the same problem. Out of a greenhouse full of Nepenthes, my two ventricosas grow like rocks. I have a super tiny seedling one and one that should be vining by now but refuses and grows slowly. I have no idea what it may be, but on the larger one (like 10" across or so) the main growing tip put out a 1/2" leaf after a 6" leaf, and after the 1/2" leaf came another 6" leaf.

My plant came with a large basal on it and I've never witnessed any of my Nepenthes being slowed down by basal growth. If anything, it speeds up their growth. That's probably not the problem. I agree with swords, try feeding it. I haven't really fed mine because it's a ventricosa, but it catches some ants on its own. Also try fertilizing like swords suggested. I've used MaxSea fertilizer at..... I forget the MaxSea to water ratio but I put 1/8tsp in a 32oz bottle (I think it is 32oz...)
Thanks for the tips guys. Is there any chance it's stressed by the change in environment? I've thought about repotting (the substrate is looking like it could use it, tbh), but don't want to make it worse. It's been in the new spot since April, does that seem like enough time for adjustment?

At any given time it usually has at least one insect in, is that not enough? It did use to catch more at the old house, though. I can give the fertilizer a try, maybe after repotting it - does this sound like a good plan?
How long ago was the move? Nepenthes can take anywhere from a few days to several months to adjust to new locations, the process of which involves shedding pitchers and leaves.

Good Growing,
Move was in April, so about 4 months. Would it make sense for something like that to affect only the top vine? The basal's doing great.. :/