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(veitchii xx tiveyii) x truncata seeking pollen asap


anybody have interesting lowland pollen they could send asap? This one surprised me with flowers and all I have at the moment is x rokko pollen, which doesn't thrill me. I'd even prefer ventricosa pollen to the rokko. Will split seeds. Thanks--
I do have N. ventricosa "red" pollen, plenty to spare, if that interests you.
Have a Miranda male...nothing special but it has flowers.
I will have N. Barbarian (spathulata x (spectabilis x veitchii)) pollen within a day or two.
I also have a male N. Benevolence spike as well. Should be a day or two before it's ready.

PM me if interested :)
thanks very much for your replies--I took some ventricosa pollen from a pm.