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Veitchii beginning to spread its wings

I suppose instead of wings, i should have said peristome.

That grand N. veitchii peristome, much like a ship's sail, needs enough to material to truly show its best potential.

That is why i'm quite excited that a couple of my N. veitchii varieties have finally turned that corner and are starting to show more of their N. veitchii splendor.

Here is a small, just under 4", N. veitchii (K) pitcher from EP shot a few hours before high noon yesterday.


And here is a pitcher of AW's N. veitchii Batu Lawi, just a tad shorter than the pitcher shown above and below, showing it's most pronounced peristome yet, since i've had it.


Another shot of the N. veitchii (K), shot a couple of hours after high noon yesterday, in a highly reflective area, resulting in a brighter picture.


Now i'm really looking forward to seeing the next few pitchers on these two plants. :)

And so are we all! Wonderful plants, dvg :grin:
Great shots dvg! N. veitchii neevr dissapoints, I really love this species. I'm glad you have a few varities to compare, and see how they grow.
Nice! I love seeing veitchii peristomes getting bigger.. and BiGGeR.. and BIGGER!!

Right now it's my seed grown N. veitchii HL (EP) that I'm watching with eager anticipation. Starting to look like a veitchii!!

Great pics! My veitchi is showing very stripped features as well. I find that the stripeness continues to get better in each coming pitcher, so your in luck ;). Those veitchi "candy striped" of yours should look fantastic in the next few pitchers!