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Variegated Monstera deliciosa contest/giveaway

I should start out by warning that this contest will probably take a couple months to resolve itself. The plants are slow growing in my conditions.

I bought a Monstera deliciosa albovariegata at a sale 3 or so years ago at a San Francisco Botanical Garden plant sale. It was a nice looking plant, but the new growth was tending towards almost entirely green. So I cut it off and turned it into a cutting. The mother plant eventually put out variegated leaves. I'm currently growing that one outside, in a partly or mostly shaded spot. It grows, but not quickly. Here's that plant now:

And the cutting really didn't do much, except put out more green leaves. There was very little variegation, and none on the leaves. Here's the cutting last summer:

I cut it up into 4 pieces, which now have amazing roots. #1 has no leaves, by the way. They are all just getting new growth at the same time, although I'm not 100% certain that's a leaf bud and not a root on #2. The question is, which ones will start growing variegated leaves? I would add that all are genetically variegated, so in principle the variegation can always be recovered.

Here's a closeup.

The contest:

(1)Which leaves will be variegated--even the tiniest bit?


(2)What percentage white will they be?

Winner decided first by (1), and (2) is used to break ties.

The winner gets his or her choice of plant, except for #2, which I'm keeping.

Winner pays postage--I'll probably send barefoot, unless someone wants to pay to ship a heavier pot.

So for example:

0) RandyS: 1 (30%), 2 (10%), 3 (0%), 4 (60%) or something like that.

So I would be guessing that #1, #2, and #4 would be variegated. Percentages will only be used to break ties.

It is entirely possible that all of the leaves will be completely green. They will likely be fairly small.
The entries stop when the first leaf opens. The contest ends when the last leaf opens.

I can take more pictures if people need a better view. These are not the best photos.
You do some amazing giveaways Randy! I'm guessing 1 and 4 will show a tiny amount...about %30 each.