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Vacation help


So it turns out that I will be gone for two weeks in August and I need to figure out what to do with my plants. My main concern is my terrarium plants since the humidifier needs to be refilled every couple of days and the AC needs to be turned on and off depending on how hot the day is (late August should be really hot). I was thinking about asking my grandfather to care for them while I am gone but he doesn't have any "highland" setup, maybe I could just bring along my entire setup??? How do you guys deal with vacation time? Any suggestions? Thank you very much for any help
Timers, pumps, and a hydrotherm are probably the best way to automate everything, but that takes a lot of fine tuning!

My answer is to simply not go on vacations, or keep them to just long weekends. For four days or do, thoroughly watering everything and leaving the lights off works for me.
Issue is that I need to be gone for two weeks, staying isn't an option. I already have a hygrotherm but the biggest problem is the humidifier
How do you guys deal with vacation time?
Pet sitter - typically a neighbor, relative or a pro. I allow time for lots of training & also include paper instruction sheets with what-if's (like where the spare bulbs are, breakers, etc). If someone does a decent job, I overpay significantly and try to get them the next time...

Next setup will be much more automated.
Great advice thank you Ron. I will see who is available and will make a guide for them. I am also thinking about making one of those garbage can humidifiers and making my greenhouse.
how about asking doom to check your plants
Pay someone to come in and do the tasks you require. I specifically emphasize the pay aspect, because then the person feels a responsibility to provide the service you need, rather than just doing it out of kindness, in which case they can't feel more than marginally bad for failing if they forget to attend to the task. I am speaking from experience.