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utricularia soil tips

Hey guys

I want to get u. Alpina u. Quelchii u. Jitka and u. Nudlinger flair. I want to know what soils you use. I have access to a very limited range of soils unfortunately these are peat, washed river sand, fine orchid bark and vermiculite. There is perlite too but its almost powder fine and washes out of the pots.

The problem is many people say use live sphag and I cant really get any. So my question now is what can I do with what I have
I grow U. Jitka, albeit, not very well. Mine seemed to do better in lfs than live sphagnum, but that was probably the conditions. Can't say for sure. It's definitely not as easy as the rest of my Utrics.

Most of those are epiphytic, so I'd say, if you try them, go heavy on the orchid bark. That should loosen up the soil a lot, which is definitely needed for epiphytic Utrics. (Honestly, most of mine that do well simply grow out of the pots are are just kinda hanging out in thin air).

You'll need something that will retain moisture though, so I'm not sure how to make a mix that would work well with just those ingredients. If you can get high enough humidity - as in a terrarium, or something that would replicate the environment which those are native to - I'd say try mostly orchid bark with a dash of peat and sand.

Someone else probably has experience here, so I'd go with their suggestions, but that's my best guess for your limited range of materials.
I'm not sure about the others but Utricularia alpina prefers drier conditions, so I would agree with NatchGreyes to use a lot of orchid bark for it. Utricularia x 'Nudlinger flair' might work in peat because one of its parents is humboldtii but I'm not sure since it is crossed with alpina.
I read someone grew quelchii in a peat and sand mix
I want to get u. Alpina u. Quelchii u. Jitka and u. Nudlinger flair. I want to know what soils you use.
Live LFS. I know it's not the answer you want - sorry. When I did head-to-head media tests with any peat-based media & live LFS (with original large Orchidioides - not Iperua) the plants in peat media were always smaller & less vigorous (& some just died). When checking the media, some plants refused to even send rolons down into the peat.

From what I've seen, they seem to abhor anaerobic conditions. Any media that you can create that maintains an aerobic environment while also holding moisture would seem to have a good shot at success - possibly a coarse Nep mix?

There is a gentleman in the Bay Area CP Society (San Francisco, USA area) who shows a large pot of U. quelchii during some meetings/shows. You may want to ask him what he uses for media. You might also try some of the European vendors (ie: Kamil Pasek @ BCP & others) to see what they use.

Barry Rice has been successful with a 50/50 mix of LFS/perlite in a hanging basket for U. jamesoniana. I tried this exact setup several times & the tubers always rotted. Different conditions may be optimal for different people ... ???

I'm not sure about the others but Utricularia alpina prefers drier conditions ...
I'm not sure what you consider 'drier' but U. alpina is one of the easier species & can handle a wider variety of conditions than some of the others. However, I've not seen that it needs less moisture than the others. If you're used to sitting pots in trays of water, I agree - it would prefer something drier than that.

I read someone grew quelchii in a peat and sand mix
I would try & contact that individual for details. I would always ask people how long they've been growing each species & if the plants flowered in their care. There are a few charlatans around who claim to be 'experts' after growing for a short period or who are even growing a different species & are so clueless they do not even know the difference (one even being a past ICPS president)
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Hi I know czplants sells live sphagnum and dried longfibre sphagnum but I don't know if it'll get through customs
Wasn't aware Ron had already run tests. I'd take his advice, if I were you.

As for customs, you'll have to look at obtaining import permits. Your department of agriculture equivalent should be able to help. Most nurseries are fairly willing to ship, if you have the proper permits. (You'll also have to pay for a photosanitary certificate, in all likelihood), so it may get pricey.
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I already applied for one
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Do you guys use dry lfs? What are your soil mixes?
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For alpina, I'm using long-fibered sphagnum but it isn't doing much. It has put out one leaf in two months. I am in the same conundrum as you: I can't get live sphagnum.
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Hmm maybe its too wet.

Ok guys one more question I grow u. Jamesoniana. I had it in peat and it survived pretty well but didn't look great. I recently potted it in a mix of coconut husk, perlite and some lfs from ep. The lfs started growing but its original leaves rotted. Today I noticed two new stolons growing on opposite ends of the sphagnum. Does this mean it is in fact not dead but thriving?

What are its dormancy requirements and during which season?