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utricularia resupinata from seed

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I just got some utricularia resupinata seed. Any tips on how to plant this? My first idea is to use 1:1 peat : sand under 4 inch of water.

Thanks all!
I've never grown one from seed, but I don't think I would attempt complete submersion in fear of everything floating away/around. Maybe bring water level up to the surface and have bagged or whatever to maintain that level?
Good luck!
Currently thinking of a peat and sand slurry in a petri dish until it sprouts. I will be doing some Byblis Aquatica at the same time. Then transfer into clear glass and plastic containers for full growth. Some of the Byblis may end up outside in my mini bog

Here is what happened when I first tried to fill a container with water and soil, lol! 20230305_165721 (1).jpg

Petri dishes arriving tomorrow.

Ive got some too, from ICPS. I'm just going to sow on peat/sand. If they germinate, I'll consider submerging.
can this species of utricularia be grown only submerged or can it grow in pots like other utricularia sitting in water
Probably both. Naturally it grows on lake shores, meaning that it is subject to submersion depending on rain and subsequent water levels.
Folks I've talked to recommend growing it in a pot with a water dish taller than the pot to allow for submersion.

Check out this page by Barry Rice where he goes into detail:
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: Affixed aquatic Utricularia

Useful info, Ben - thanks! I, too, am going to try this one. I will probably sprinkle seeds on very wet peat and see what happens. Now I wish I had snagged some U. cornuta seed when it was available.