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Utricularia praelonga?

I received what was labeled as Utricularia praelonga in the mail yesterday. It was in flower, but the flowers were purple but the source of the plants says the flowers are supposed to be yellow, and that seems to be the case from a Google image search. Can anyone id this plant?

Here are the flowers:


And the stolons look like this:
Whoops, I should have taken a picture of the stolons under the flowers, not the stolons of a plant which wasn't flowering. I came across photos of Utricularia blanchetii by chance and it seems like that is what the flower is. I guess that explains why the clump with the flowers looked so different from the rest. I'll definitely take a closer look at the foliage.
The flowers look rather similar to U. warburgii, actually, and if the leaves you photo'd are a portion of the same plug, then so do the leaves.....
I think the flowers of warburgii are wider than the flowers I have, and the top is a darker purple than the rest of the flower. The spur of warburgii is also more pronounced, but I definitely agree that the stolons look very similar, although they are not from the same plug. I'll try to take some better photos tomorrow.
This plant looks like U.dichotoma to me.
Here's a couple other pictures of the flowers.


And this is what the stolons look like.

The grass-like stolons look like Utricularia blanchetii to me. Unfortunately, the flowers look like they are going to wither soon so I don't know when I will be able to take more pictures of them.
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The above plant is U.blanchetii, not U.praelonga - although both are Brazilian.

Best wishes,
Fernando Rivadavia
The above plant is U.blanchetii, not U.praelonga - although both are Brazilian.

Best wishes,
Fernando Rivadavia

Thank you! Although it's weird since the vendor I purchased it from doesn't seem to sell Utricularia blanchetii. It'll be interesting to see if the U. parthenopipes I received from them turns out to be blanchetii.