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Yes, you read this right. I must have 7 scapes poking up out of my small pot of this species. I hear this is another that rarely flowers, so I am feeling good about it. I have never seen this one in flower! Plants were grown without an alternating wet/dry cycle, and have been kept wetter than most of my terresterials.

Other joys include many scapes forming on U. welwitschii. The U. cornuta scape continues to grow. This seems the slowest flowering of any Utricularia I have ever grown, the scape has been growing for almost 2 months. I also note many small bladders forming on the leaf surfaces: is this usual for this species? I also see U. juncea is doing the same, and seems to be equally slow in the formation of buds.
wow that's great! i am pleased to hear you are having such good luck with all those sp.!!! and may they all flower for you at the same time! ;-)