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Utricularia gibba?

I got this plant in the same trade as the other utric. I was told it was gibba but the stem is very thick and the bladders are much bigger than the bladders on the gibba I have (about 2.5 mm). The growth point also looks different. You can see them on the left side of the photo.


In this picture I put a piece of gibba I had before under the Utricularia. The plant I am trying to identify is the dark green stem at the top of the picture, and
the gibba is under it. The color and foliage look pretty different to me, but I only see bladders growing individually so I am not sure what to make of it.

Hopefully, a flower will appear.

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It may just be me, but I don't see any gibba in that picture. My guess is something similar to macrorhiza, based on what I own. Though, to be honest, I recently reacquired australis and they look very similar in structure. I can tell you that its not gibba, radiatas, or inflata.