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Unided Weedy Utric Giveaway!

I want to clear out this tank for better stuff so up for grabs is a portion of this weedy unided Utric *very very likely livida*

It has been growing in there for years....I have cleared it out many times and it has always found a way back in so keep that in mind.

Continental US, no heat packs, shipping at your risk due to cold, winners need to Paypal $7 BEFORE Saturday 23rd.

Usual method, will post the 2 winners early tomorrow morning via random number generator.

If you win and you have posted a giveaway thru TF in the calendar year of 2013 PRIOR to this post let me know and I'll try and add something extra :-D.


DSC_0797 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

DSC_0798 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
I would, but I'm afraid our current cold spell would kill it in shipping...
The leaves are wrong for livida.... I'd think sandersonii "blue form" or similar....
It's probably U. livida. Looks exactly like mine, which was originally wrongly ID'd as U. sandersonii. (So disappointed I didn't actually have U. sandersonii).
Sorry for posting in a dormant thread, but it bloomed a few days ago. It looks like a variant of livida with a prominent spur, but I'm not sure to be honest.


The stolons look like this:

Its pretty clearly a livida, but no real way to narrow it down anymore than that as I've grown many livida clones over the years and there is so little variation from one to the next.

Check out http://cpphotofinder.com/utricularia-livida-365.html for a ton of examples of other livida flowers.
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Tanukimo, you might want to note the flower color on the label/in your grow list. From what I've seen, livida is one of the most variable species in terms of color. Some are pure white, some lavender, some darker purple, some blu-ish, and, apparently, some are yellow! I gather that there are also a number of different "leaf" configurations - some bigger, some smaller. No wonder that it was previously known under a host of different names!