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Ummm Where is the chatroom?

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An orchid fancier with a CP problem
I come here for the first time today and my messages are still there, I'm still logged in, but can't find the chatroom. Thoughts, ideas?
Nevermind, found it..da boss was playing games on me :lol:
And here I thought that was the fastest upgrade EVER!! haha
Doesn't show private chats in the public area. So no clue when someone sends a private chat.
Is that permanent?
I assume that's because of this new option which was set to yes by default.... should be better now that I have it off.

NEW /pm command: Hide PMs from general channel
By activating this feature, all PMs are removed from the general channel when the PM in tab feature is on
you rock. Tis' all better home slice..
I still can't find the chatroom! LOL
I'm lost! LOL
Dan, the shoutbox on the top of the forum home page. ;)