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Ultra Highland Chamber arrived..

Oh dear lord.. it's a LOT bigger than I remember. Need to find a better spot for it, kind of an eye sore at the moment. But weighing in at 700Lbs.. I'm not in a big hurry to try and move it again. :rolleyes: I see there's the same model on eBay for $850. So the $30 I payed is sitting fine by me.
For starters, here's some specs and features.

Section 7 - Specifications
7.1 Specifications

Control Sensitivity: +/- 0.1 Degrees C
*Range: 41 °F to 140 °F
Sensor: Transistor
Controller: Electronic Proportional
Setpoint: Tamper resistant analog
Display: Digital LED
Readability: 0.1°C
Setability: 0.1°C
Uniformity: Within ±0.3° C
Temperature Alarm
Sensor: Thermostat
Controller: Thermostat
Setpoint: Analog reference dial
Alarm: Audible/visual
CO2 Gas Control: ±0.1%
Range: 0-20%
Inlet Pressure: 10 PSIG
Sensor: Thermal conductivity
Controller: Electronic, digital
Setpoint: Tamper resistant analog
Display: Digital LED
Readability: 0.1%
Setability: 0.1%
Alarm Differential: ±1.0% (nominal)
Access Port: 1.62” (4.11 cm) I.D. with neoprene removable plug
Condensate Drain: 3/8” FPT
Overflow Drain: 3.8” FPT
Water Inlet: 1/4” compression
CO2 Outlet: 1/4” compression
Unit Heat Load
115V: 1450 BTU (420W)
220V: 1700 BTU (500W)
Standard: 6
Maximum: 19
Dimensions: 30.62”W x 25.81” (77.78 cm x 65.56 cm)
Construction: Solid stainless steel, reinforced
Surface Area: 5.4 sq ft (.51 sq. m) per shelf
Max per Chamber: 104.5 sq ft (9.69 sqm)
Clearance: Adjustable on 3” (7.62 cm) centers
Loading: 35 lbs (16 Kg) (slide in and out) 50 lbs (23 Kg) (stationary)
Selectable Ranges: Low Ambient
*Med 82-87% & High 91-96%
Humidity Reservoir: Approx. 4 gal (15.4 liters)
3956: 120 Volts AC 50/60HZ, 1 PH, 7.7 FLA
3952: 208-230 Volts AC 50/60HZ, 1 PH, 4.0
Power Switch: 1 Pole
Line Cord: 8 ft
Remote Alarm Contacts: Temperature
Accessory Outlet:
3956 120V (120 Watts max.)
3952 230V (120 Watts max.)
CSA: Standard C22.2 No. 151 (except 3952)
Volume: 29 cu ft (823 liters)
Interior: 304 2B stainless steel
Exterior: Cold rolled steel
Insulation: 2” Fiberglass
Exterior Door: Triple pane tempered glass
Outer Door Gasket: Molded vinyl
Finish: Powder coated. Salt spray tests exceed 1000 hrs.
per ASTM Standard B117-85
Exterior: 38:00”W x 85.00”H x 31.00” F-B
(96.52 cm x 215.90 cm x 78.74
Interior: 31.00”W x 60.00”H x 27.00” F-B
(78.74 cm x 152.40 cm x 68.58 cm)
Net Operational: 700 lbs (318 Kg)
Motor 783 lbs (355 Kg)
Air 866 lbs (393 Kg)
Ocean 920 lbs (417 Kg)

7.2 Standard Features

Elevated Humidification System: The incubator may be set for a medium humidity range
(82% to 87%) or a high humidity range (91% to 96%) above ambient. With two humidity
ranges, the system meets general RH requirements for most laboratory conditions.
Positive Horizontal Air Flow: The air flow system circulates air horizontally across the
shelving to assure a uniform distribution of temperature and humidity and to eliminate CO2
stratification. Conditioned air is evenly distributed at all shelf levels under varying load
Air Exchange: Adjustable intake and exhaust vents regulate fresh air exchange while
maintaining accurate and precise temperature uniformity and control.
Water Reservoir: The humidification water reservoir is equipped with an overflow drain
as well as a condensate drain. An automatic water level control may be used to regulate the
water supply, or the reservoir may be filled manually.
Cabinet Construction: Double-wall construction assures economical operation and
maximizes environmental stability.
Door Design: A full view, heated Thermopane glass door is standard equipment, and a
solid faced door is optional. The door seals against a peripheral gasket on the cabinet front.
Shelf Design: Solid, stainless steel shelves are adjustable in 3-inch increments. Shelves and
shelf supports are reinforced to handle loads of 150 pounds (68 kg) per shelf (evenly
Access Port: A 1-5/8" (4.1 cm) diameter, through-the-wall access port centered in the
incubators right-hand wall, permits safe insertion of probes and monitors without alteration
of the cabinet.
Electrical Outlet: A fused electrical outlet installed in the upper left rear corner of the
chamber interior provides electrical power for in-cabinet accessories. Power rating for this
outlet is 120 watts maximum on both models.

And now for a few pics. Thanks to my loyal test subject for helping with a size reference. Shelves were removed for the pics..




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Yikes! What exactly is that? is it like an all in one grow chamber for any conditions? The C02 control looks like it'll be fun...
Words are nice. It sounds certainly nifty and impressive. But uhhh...:pics:
My bad.. somehow my thread got mixed into two half completed ones.
Nice villosa factory ya got there! :-O
Gonna need all the room I can get for those 30 kids. :awesome:
Holy Crap Mass! that's freaking awesome. An incubator... craziness!

What kinda light's you gonna mount in there? Where the hell did you find something like that?

Very interesting :D
How did you finagle finding one of these for $30?!
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There were two for sale at Michigan State Univ. salvage. They've got all kinds of random out-of-date stuff from campus.
Going to put some T5HO's up in there. Heat won't be an issue since it's all temp controlled.
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So, what's the deal with the girl? Selling her by the pound or kilo? She looks fresh . . .
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$30 ??

Are you kidding with that number ??
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So, what's the deal with the girl? Selling her by the pound or kilo? She looks fresh . . .

This was a device designed for science, BB... :rolleyes: of COURSE she goes by metric! :lol:
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Woah! That things a beast!
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that thing looks like it would fit perfectly into the lab of a mad scientist. The girl inside helps the image lol.

What's going in it?
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Crap man. That is insane. Lol! Unfortunately, we only have cold rooms in our university. lol! The incubators are 37C incubators.
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Nice find!
What happened to the other one? I'd drive a few hours to pick it up if it's still available.
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What are some other cooler-temp CPs that you could grow in there?

Drosera regia
Northern Pinguicula

Any others?