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U. quelchii and U. cornigera


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Anyone growing these two species?

A friend passed them to me and they were in the ambient room temperature (>77F) for 2 weeks before I moved them into an air-conditioned room. The leaves now have a yellow edge and I hope I am not killing them!

What are the best temperatures and the light levels for them ? I haven't gotten the lights for them so they are currently having light from my office's ceiling. :-(

I'm not sure about cornigera, but I know that quelchii is a highland species that needs temperature drops at night. It also needs high amounts of light from what I have heard, but I've never grown it before.
quelchii sympatric with heliamphora, think heliamphora conditions.
My cornigera grows as a regular indoor plant, under normal natural indoor bright light conditions, at most 1 hour of sunlight in the morning when the sun is rising. regular room temperature is preffered. it doesnt require any fancy set up as far as it goes for me. Dont over water it, let it breathe or it will rot. Keep the soil slightly moist by water spraying it once twice a day a day, i spray it in the morning when i wake up and before i go to bed. Good luck! :)
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