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two packets of drosera seeds up for trade

I just got done harvesting some seed and have the following up for trade.
D. Spatulata about 50 seeds in the packet
D. Dielsiana about 75 seeds in the packet
I'm intrested in sundews that aren't in my growlist. Any intrest?
I'm gunna turn this into a drawing. You can put your names down for both lists if intrested. I will use random.org on saturday night at 8pm eastern time. And like I normaly do, I will cover shipping to the winners.
D. Spatulata

D. Dielsiana

Goodluck everybody
Are these the spatulata you just got from me?
Na Rellunburg, I realized today that my flower stalk was ready. I just thought do a drawing and share the wealth. I wanted the seeds from you so I could add some diversity to my "breeding program". hahaha

I started a new thread with this so everybody knows. wanted the people whom viewed the original post to be able to see my change of heart.:-))