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Two Ant plants (Myrmecodia beccarii) seedlings growing on wood. (mylesG $25)

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A while back I stuck a couple Myrmecodia beccarii seeds to a cut of lake driftwood. They've survived pretty well on it despite my neglect. The sparse foliage is due to a recent string of neglect that left them shrunken from thirst. It isn't a very attractive piece and I expect the wood to fall apart in a few years but the plants can be transplanted when that happens. Has a hole drilled in the side so it can be hung or it can be grown laying down. I'll cut the rusty hook off before shipping but I'll leave the fishing line in case you want to reuse that part. This is a pink fruited variety.

Bidding starts at $2, I pay shipping. US only. The winner can contact me via PM with their address.




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Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
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Please update the status of the auction:
Donor: Have you received reimbursement for the stated shipping charges (if any)?
High bidder: Have you received the item? Is it in the condition described and expected?

Thanks! This will help us close out the few remaining threads in the 2013 auction.
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plants are perfect. all set :)
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plants are perfect. all set :)

Excellent! Thanks for the notification; with that it would appear that this auction thread can be closed. Cheers!
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