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Tuberous pics

Yay we had some sun for a change! I was able to get a few pictures of some D. macrophylla. I feed my dews quite heavily with freeze dried bloodworms so there is a fairly short window in which they look good still, and not covered in dead bloodworms!

Anyway here ya go... enjoy

First up, D. macrophylla subsp. monantha Bruce Rock emerging but not completely expanded and flattened out.

D. macrophylla Wongan Hills still emerging but a little further along than the other. You can see the buds on these. Sorry bout the big photo but they are just so much better looking when you can get your face right into them up close!

Wow, wow, wow!!!!
aww.. I really want to get some nice tuberous dews. This one has been at the top of the list for awhile now. Very Nice!! :drool:
Beautiful plants and pics Tony! Great stuff!! I have 4 pots of tubes.... We're just now starting to get cool so I'm watching them!!:0o:

damn nice looking tubers ya got there :D
those are so cool ! great pics.
Beautiful plants and pics Tony! Great stuff!! I have 4 pots of tubes.... We're just now starting to get cool so I'm watching them!!:0o:


Nice! Feel free to add pics to the thread if you have any gang! I will try and get some others posted. Only about half of my plants have poked out. Some species are typically much earlier than others. D. macrantha are already a couple feet long! D. bulbosa, orbiculata, tubaestylis are also very early growing tuberous dews. D. gigantea is usually the last to sprout and I probably won't see them for another month!
Ooooo...more pics, please! Especially of the macrantha...I'm having seeds I'm trying to germinate :3
wow,,beautiful! love those sundews!:)
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*major drool*
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more pics as requested! sorry dialup users!

It's been a pretty dreary Fall season so far. The plants are not showing alot of color this year unfortunately. I keep thinking I would like to put in some supplemental lighting for these guys to really help them along.

View of the tuberous Drosera area

D. macrantha of some sort.. You can see how much they have grown already in the previous photo, winding up the bamboo stakes.

D. macrantha. This one has much flatter traps and when it catches something it folds, unlike the usual D. macrantha which just closes the tentacles up inside the little umbel trap. I don't know how unusual this is but I find it kind of neat. I had to stick my finger in there to stop it from flapping in the breeze and to give my camera something to focus on!

Here is a shot of the same plant with food in the trap

Ah lets see... a few others
D. orbiculata - recently fed some bits of dried bloodworm.

D. lowriei
Almost done emerging .. with buds coming along. Normally this species has some nice red color in the leaves with strong light.

Some seedlings of D. menziesii coming back in their second year. They sprouted last Fall. Give you an idea how small these things are and in many cases the timeframe to grow to an appreciable size.

And one photo from last year because I really like it and it's difficult to get good shots of the traps on the vining types!
D. gigantea

That's it for now. Maybe more in a few weeks or so when some of the other species make their appearances.
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Wow...those are all super nice! D.macrantha is like...drosera vine! You must have the patience of a mountain to be able to keep them coming back year after year :p
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I need a tuber!
You'res are just plain amazing.
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Couple more pics. It's still been very overcast so color is not that great and it's been difficult to get decent photos. The D. gigantea are finally starting to emerge. Many of the stolonifera group are up and growing now.

D. macrophylla subsp. monantha (from the first photo page 1) all expanded and flowering. Pot with 3 mature tubers.

One of the D. stolonifera group. There are a variety of subspecies or species in their own right depending on how you look at it.
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Wow... I never knew Drosera could be such a handsome species :0o:
Amazingly nicely done!
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Wow... I never knew Drosera could be such a handsome species :0o:

LOL! What?! Glistening sundews with the sun shining on them is mesmerizing.
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And oops, I guess I meant Genus.. I got mesmerized by the beauty of Tony's plants :p
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Nice! My D. stolonifera subsp. stolonifera showed up around the middle of last month, and D. peltata and gigantea just peeked out the other day. I'll try to add some pics soon. I was scared that they wouldn't come back this year - last year I burned them with T5 lighting and they never really developed much at all, and then this year as I was repotting I broke a little root nub off my biggest tuber of gigantea... So far only one sprout from that pot, so maybe I lost one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I was really surprised when they didn't take well to the T5s, though. I even had the pots nestled in between Nepenthes so that they'd have a little bit of filtering shade and not get too hot. Do tuberous sundews just not appreciate high direct light? Seems like the climbing ones at least might be expecting some shade from grasses or small shrubs in their natural environment.
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I'm being reintroduced to this complex, having just received seedlings of D. peltata:


...as well as seeds and tubers of D. peltata & D. auriculata.