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tuberous drosera break through:-)

So after some months of waiting I have finally some tubers growing. After d. aberrans which will flower soon D. menziesii ssp. menziesii will form some leaves and also D. whittakerii ssp. whittakerii and D. modesta. Besides peltata and auriculata these are my first tuberous drosera growing so I am very excited:) Thanx Sean;-)

D. menziesii ssp. menziesii

D. whittakerii ssp. whittakerii

...and D. modesta (first leaves):

Very cool. Congratulations! :D
Excellent pictures!
Great job! I'm not sure I'd have the patience for growing tubers from seed - I hear they take a really long time sometimes. They're really fun plants though, and definitely worth the trouble. Best luck!
Thanx guys! :) Well I have little patience with seeds but you need plenty with tuber's seeds I guess. I have sown d. stolonifera and d. moorei and I am not fooling myself to see it sprout before next spring (if at all;-)) The only seeds that sprout readily for me are peltata peltata and peltata auriculata (foliosa as well but needs more time). The ones in the pics above are potted tubers.....now the weather here is perfect for them so they really took off. D. modesta grows 1-1.5cm a day! I put some dry branches into the pot so she and menziesii have something to climb on:) These sundews are really worth the effort! Greedily hoping for some flowers later as well:)