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Trying to find a Heliamphora indoor auto-watering thread

I remember seeing a great Heliamphora auto-watering set up for an indoor tank:

Plants sit on egg crate elevated over water.
Small submersible pump drives water to some sort of self-sealing white tube that runs the length of the tank
black tubing attached to small drip nozzles connects to white tubing (through holes punched into it, I'm assuming).

I assume it's also set up on some sort of timer to water the plants periodically.

Ok, so, if I can describe it, why the heck am I looking for it?!? :)

Because I can't find the white self-sealing tubing after much looking and even some conversations with (admittedly-unhelpful) hydro retailers, and I was planning to ask the original poster where he found the white tubing.

The thread was either here, or on the ICPS forum (I think). More likely here.

If you don't know of the posting to which I'm referring, can you give me more info on the mysterious white tubing?

I have two large tanks (55 gal and 75 gal) of Heliamphora species and hybrids. When my plants are happy, they're REALLY happy. When they get neglected, particularly in the winter when the heat is on in the basement and I'm traveling for work, they get really unhappy. I think that an automated watering system is on the project list for this year.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!