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Tropical Utricularia wanted for new highland greenhouse


Hello! I have lots of pings, dews and orchids to trade for some tropical utrics
Really want the top 2 on the list thanks so much!!!!!!!M :D
U. Asplundii
I have:

Do you have a growlist?
Thanks Jcal For the amazing utrics! they are doing do well in my greenhouse
i dont like to get personal about my life on here but i failed to complete the purchase for the U.humboldtii Because of the loss of my mother last minute and funeral bills were insane. i didnt have the money for a $30 plant i have felt guilty about it ever since. i just want to say i am sorry whether you Choose to trust me for a trade again is out of my control.. i try to be honest always... and i appreciate others and there honesty
Thanks ~ Gs'Cps