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Trip to charlotte, nc

I spent the past few days in Charlotte, NC and met up with Dr. Larry Mellichamp, at UNC-Charlotte; and David Crump, proprietor of Carolina Carnivorous Gardens. Needless to say, I was blown away. Never seen so many beautiful Sarracenias in one place in my life. At UNC-Charlotte, where Dr. Mellichamp has bred some of the popular cultivars such as Dixie Lace, Mardi Gras and Ladies In Waiting, I got see dozens of other named varieties that may or may not end up in mass propogation. Some of the more memorable ones included 'Blackened Redfish', 'Starry Night', 'Doodle Bug', 'Anxious Debate', I could go on. At David Crumps, I got to tour his bog gardens, filled with nearly every imaginable Sarracenia. I purchased 4 plants from him. I got 'Bug Pipes', 'Case's Resolve', 'Flies Demise', and an unnamed/unknown one that appears to be minor x (psitt x rubra). Anyway, I got a bunch of pics I'll post as soon as I get them dumped. And if you're ever in the Charlotte area, give these guys a call.
Unfortunately, my camera must be on the fritz, as most of the pics I took came out blurry.  Anyway, here are the ones that are at least somewhat viewable:


'Boob Tube'
Even Dr. Mellichamp couldn't remember what the parentage of this one was, but believed to be psitt x (purp x minor).


'Bug Pipes'
This plant resulted from some seeds that were collected from wild S. minor "Okee Giant".  Obviously, some bee had visited a S. psittacina flower before it came to said S. minor.


'Case's Resolve'
This plant came about from crossing S. minor with an unknown hybrid called 'Bog Witch', which looks mostly like S. rubra wherryi.


'Doodle Bug'
Probably my favorite plant I saw on the trip, mainly because I'm fond of psitt hybrids.  But the old mature speciman on display was huge!  Can't wait to buy one of these.  PFT should get ahold of it, I know it's in tissue culture right now.  The parentage is alabamensis x psittacina.


'Flies Demise'
Don't know much about this one.  Obviously some rubra in it, maybe some purp, because of the overall red color.


An anthocyanin-free form of purpurea x psitt  (x courtii).


Some misc. plants.  A really cool looking (to me anyway), plant in the foreground.  It's a psitt x minor, but at first glance it just looks like any minor, with only a slight influence of the psitt in the lip and lid.  


Some more hybrids in UNC-Charlotte's "Little Bug" series of Sarracenia hybrids.    There's Doodle Bug, Love Bug, Red Bug, June Bug, some more probably.  I think they are all going into tissue culture, if they haven't already.


This is another plant I really liked.  It had a name, and I went out of my way to try and remember it without writing it down, but alas, I forgot.


An unknown hybrid I got from David Crump.  I think it's minor x (psitt x rubra), but am not really sure.


And lastly, a plant I got from CA Carnivores a couple of years ago has finally put out some large, mature pitchers.  A real pretty plant, it's (oreophila x purpurea) x leucophylla.
I am SOOOOO ENVIOUS!!!! Thanks for posting the pics.(as he wipes the droole off his face and key board)
Oh! Saul's Nuresries here in Atlanta has the exclusive right to tissue culture the 'Bug Series' for Dr. Mellichamp on the east coast. There has been some hydridizing over at the Atlanta Botanical Garden as well and Saul's is carrying their plants too. I have been able to get some of the first plants (3). A couple of purps (one called 'Blood Vessels&#39
and an all green hybrid. (anthro-free I think) The 'Bug Series' is not ready yet. They are just weening them to a soil mix. I still do not know the parantage of the ABG plants. I will try and post some pics.
Nice plants!

I especially like the last three. Thanks for posting these pics!
Those are very very nice plants! I like 'bug pipes' personally. I will have to get one, lol,