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Trigger plant care

How should I care for this? I want to put one in my carnivorous plant terrarium to replace the nepenthes bicalcarata, which is completely inapprorpiate. I could not find any grow instructions online.
Well, I can only comment on Stylidium debile, if you have one of the others someone else will have to speak up. Basically, I grow them in straight peat, water once a week or so, and keep them in a sunny place. That's it and they grow like weeds. Nothing to it, athough they do always die back in the Summer.
S. debile:



Sand and peat and water and sunlight. It does seem to struggle in the summer.
Temps? Humidity? My terrarium gets to a MAX of 83* on a bad day. Humidity gets to 80% and lows at 59%. I will be DIY-ing a 9000 lumen 100w led onto it in a few weeks. Will that work?
I can also put an led spotlight on it if that will help.
Your temps and humidity are fine, and if you can grow pygmy sundews and/or a heliamphoa, the lighting should be okay too. Really, these guys are easy peasy. When I said they grow like weeds I wasn't kidding.
From my own experience..

Potted with room to spread, because it will whether you want it to or not. LONG thread like roots.. so something tall.
Sandy peat. Deep standing water..
LOTS of sun.
It's been mid 80*s-upper 90*s everyday, with night temps in the upper 50*s-mid 60*s.
Humidity is in the 60%-ish range.

Here is mine as of today, the mid of summer.


LOL! Mass wins!
I have about 6" of soil in my terrarium where I want to put it. The soil is 50/50 peat:perlite throughout the terrarium.
Temps are high 70's to low 80's, and night temps are ine the high 60's.
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It will spread as far as the roots are allowed. So if you put it in that terrarium, it'll spread wall to wall. Way worse/faster than utrics.
Not sure why everyone else's dies back during the summer. That's when mine spreads and flowers.
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Can you pull them (babies/pups) out without hurting the mother plant?
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yeah.. but they're all connected one way or the other.
You can completely uproot the entire pot and re pot without really doing any harm though.

I just ripped out a few random clumps to make this pot. Only took about 6 weeks for it to turn into this.

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S. debile behaves very much like a terrestrial utricularia. will spread all over the place via rhizomes/runners or even roots (I have seen roots develop into plants). Very forgiving plant, just needs to be contained somehow if that is possible.....
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I acquired the species from some friends up north. They had it in a 20gal. tank with a little water in the bottom, no media! Was white thread like roots and flowers EVERYWHERE!!
Very utric-ish.
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I will grow it in a pot buried in the soil so it won't be seen, then.