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Trail riding on Jellico mountain Tenn.

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Beautiful ride to Jellico Mountain and back, the fall colors are awesome...
(Cell phone pics)

The "Razor"

Sweet toy....

Random images:




If you look closely (and know where to look), you can see part of I-75 in this image


50+ miles of trail today; I'm tired and dirty, but it just dont get much better

Tread lightly my friend ;-)
Wow that is some amazing scenery, looks like a ton of fun. Sweet hat too :p
LOL, that is my helmet liner.... it is the bomb for keeping ya head warm
It has strap that goes under chin and another that covers chin and mouth.

Plus it just looks cool hehehehehehe, sorta like a Fez but more hillbilly :)
Fantastic scenery Butch! But that hat thing has to go!
It looks like MickeyMouse ears that got tossed about when you rolled the RZR!
It does look a bit more muddied than you started, but that helps confirm my
MickeyMouse ears getting tossed about when you rolled the RZR theory!

Joking aside, it does look like you had a great time & enjoyed the terrific Fall colors!
Omigosh I looove Tennessee! I love the forests there, they're always so pretty. The summer weather is amazing too. :)
Wow. Nice scenery.
Looks like it was a blast.
yeh great scenery,looks like you had good fun in the razor
Beautiful area! Glad ya had a good time.
I had a great time...

Saw plenty of beautiful scenery, wild life, lots of adrenaline rush moments, etc.... Many of the trails looked like they hadnt been rode on in months.
We would go hours without seeing anybody or any signs of civilization...

We started off in Pine Knot Ky. and rode to Jellico Mountian Tenn. and then back.... a nice long ride.
Good times :D
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Awesome that looks fun.
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Beautiful Pictures as always!!
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It was a mighty fine ride that day... until we heard the sound of dueling banjos and the smell of chittlins cooking in the distance...
then we remembered, that was just our base camp and all was well....

Of course no one ever saw those female riders from New York City again..
(winks at the girls with the brooklyn accent wearing their daisy dukes while washing the razors off....)

y'all come back now ya hear...
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Butch is a Ruff Ryder...look out now. :lol:
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hehehehehe, nahhh... im just full of chit :)