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N. Ampullaria whole plant about foot wide. I have nursed this plant from a little baby but it just doesnt pitcher for me with my cold temps.

N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides) I have had this plant for a about two years. It has two growth points. Each growth point is of same size and leaf size about 6-8 inches. This plant for some reason just does not pitcher as well. It has some small ones but i idk if it is typically a slow grower but it is for me in my conditions.

Now i know a lot of you have interest in my Ventricosa x Insignis and well she has two little basals i can see if they can seprate.

open for anything just shoot me an offer.

I would be really interested in your amp. I am just getting back into CPs and dont have a ton to offer for trade. But I have a mid sized darlingtonia I would be willing to trade, or I have a N. "lady pauline" that I could take a fresh 5-6 node cutting from if you were interested.

Let me know,

Your inbox is full btw.
its a plain jane all green
sundrew ur inbox is full