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Trade? Pings and dews for pings, dews and utricularia!


Title is kind of a tounge twister eh?
Hello! this is what I currently have to trade for some Mexican butterworts utrics (especially tropical!!) and sundews , I am always on the hunt for P.lusitanica! < reallllyyy waaannntt :0o:
PM me if interested!!
What isa got
P.Unknown most likely " John Rizzi" (beautiful rosette specie)
P.Moctezumea x Gigantea

D.intermedia ( large plants )
D.anglica "Gold Lake Oregon"
D.filiformis x "Portland Sunrise"
D.capensis (red,alba and typical)
I'm confused. What are you offering, and what do you have?
Yeah... You don't really detail out what you want for trades.
Sorry for confusion! The list is what I have to trade
I'm looking for any drosera and Mexican butterworts not on the list...yah... I am also always looking for tropical utrics!
I have a few "interesting" binata seedlings (I call them interesting because they grew from seeds of a self pollinating Marston Dragon, which means they don't retain the cultivar status, but I doubt they will just look like typical binata plants either). I don't have any pings but would prefer those on the smaller and more colorful side as far as leaves go, and I don't have d. venusta.
I have P esseriana "light pink" and two forms of P ehlersiae: west of Tolantonga, Hidalgo, Mexico and another labeled (I think) 005. These two look very different from one another. All the pings are still very small plants from leaf cuttings, but all have developed carnivorous leaves.

I also have several D natalensis to trade.

Of the pings you are offering I would be interested adding any of the following to my collection:
P.Moctezumea x Gigantea

also might be interested in D venusta & anglica if it's a tropical form.

let me know if any of my plants interest you. thanks!