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Tolumnia x 'Pretty n Pink'

Hey Terraforums!

I havent posted in a loooong time, so there's some irony that my first posting after this long hiatus is in the orchid section. I've lost a lot of plants recently as I've dropped the ball on obsessing over them the way I use to. But when I move for grad school in August, I plan on building a grow-shelf, and will begin the hobby anew. Anyway! But tonight I wanted to show you this little girl- something I can't stop taking pictures of!!! As the title suggests, it is Tolumnia 'Pretty n Pink,' which I know almost nothing about. It's apparently very epiphytic, (which is shiny, since I've also gotten into Tillandsiae in a big way!), and that is pretty much the end of all I know. It is also very pretty, so, I guess that's two things I know, lol.

I hope you liked it!
Thank you for looking :)
Good to see another previous member rejoin. Welcome back! That plant seems to like you.
Those are some neat flowers, they somehow remind me of Oncidium 'Sharry Baby'. I was about to buy an orange/brown tolumnia, but I hesitated. Are they easy for you to take care of?
Are they easy for you to take care of?

I've only had this plant for a few months, so I wouldn't call myself an experienced grower. But it seems really easy. I keep it in my terrarium, with no pot. I mist it when I mist my Nepenthes, and every few days I'll dunk the whole plant into one of my aquaria for a more thorough watering. I want to mount it on something in the near future, but I haven't found an appropriate piece (or even any idea what I'd like to grow it on). The bottom line, I think, is grow it like a Tillandsia, so, that's what I'm doing!