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To repot? Or not to repot? That is the question...

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some opinions on what I should do with this guy. I recieved this nepenthes from someone and it was on the brink of death. Seems like it was due to very hot and humid conditions with no airflow. I also suspect the soil might not have been the best either. I did however decided to keep it in the soil to prevent it from going into over shock, but put it in a better environment which help get it back to where it is now.

Anyway, my question is, since its doing much better now, should I repot it? I ask because its been in this healthier state for about a month now, but seems to not want to pitcher. I can't ask the previous owner what he used as the media, but I suspect some miraclegrow perlite was used. I'm also unsure of the type of nepenthes this is, so I was wondering what you thought the best media should be? Current media is very dense, mostly peat with very small sized perlite.


As always, thanks for the input :)
if it aint broke, dont fix it. :)
lol I knew someone was going to write that. It is kind of broke..... it won't pitcher
what hybrid or species? some might need something to grasp onto with tendrils to make a pitcher. forget which ones off the top of my head....
also, might also be not getting enough light for pitcher production
I'm unsure of the species/hybrid. ??? The tag was removed and the previous owner when I brought it home said they didn't know what type it was. They actually gave me four.... only two survived and they thought they were all the same species. However even without pitchers I could tell they were all different types.

It is a vining fiend though! I can see this guy running me out of greenhouse space :-D

Edit: hmmmm might need to vine on something tho.... I did find it weird that it had a bambo stick in it. Maybe the person they bought it from told them this?
While I don't like to disagree with Amp, I'd probably repot. Most of the time, when a new plant comes into my possession, I like to repot so I can inspect the root system & provide media with which I'm familiar.

As an example, here's a pic of a small N. jacquelineae I received a few months ago in a trade. I was told the plant was very 'finicky'. It had just made the significantly smaller leaf @ 3 o'clock when I received it. Since being potted, the plant has inflated a new pitcher and grown the two newest leaves. While obviously not all plants will respond this well to a new environment, at least you'll know the condition of the roots & media.