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Tiny baby pinguicula dormancy?

Hello folks :)

I have many tiny baby mexican pinguicula(1cm) and i want to know if i can put them into dormancy with the adults. Or do i have to bring them in a warmer place and skip dormancy?

Thanks !
While I've never tried this with pings of that size I would watch them to see if they begin to produce non-carnivorous winter leaves. If so cut back on the water they are getting. If not keep conditions the same and let them grow. Do they receive any seasonal cues like shortening day length or lower temperatures?
Yes, temps are cooler and the plants got less light. Hope my pings will survive hehe

Thanks for the reply !

For me adult and juvenil same growing condition

Thanks for your reply jeff, i will put juv with adults plants.
Same with me.My main pings (gypsicolas) all are treated the same.
just be carful not to freeze it and yah it should be good