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Timber Rattlesnake


Grow Pitcher Plants!
Not related to reptile pets in terrariums. Wanted to share with you herp heads. Saw and took photo at top of a Appalachian Trail mountain NC. Beautiful snake.
That is very beautiful DB. thanks for the pics!
very nice pic, i love the AT
Dang, how come everybody else finds them but never me? I obviously need to increase the vigour of my searching.

Timbers are beautiful snakes. Makes me wish they were still part of the Canadian herptofaunal landscape. But alas, people killed them all!

Nice pic!
It made the hike and just happened to be at the top of the mountain-our turning around point. Thanks. Took the photos with friend's smartphone but wish I would have been carrying my camera.
Beautiful animal! This is one snake we don't have in CO and I think they're so much prettier than the prairie rattlers out here. Too bad they're at such risk of disappearing, I hope I have a chance to find one before it gets any worse. Consider yourself lucky on this find!