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Thsi weeks books: Fantasy Art!

This week I went crazy on fantasy art books instead of actual reading material.
Every so often I like to add to my inspirational art shelf. So let's review today's accidental over purchases:



Roger Dean is most known for his progressive rock album covers for bands like: Asia, Budgie, Yes, Uriah Heep, and the cover painting of this book, Pink Floyd's Us and Them CD. I have the earlier collection of his art from the 70s and 80s called Electric Storm. This book covers Roger's work for record albums, posters, band/company logos, "earth homes" (actual live-in smurf like houses he was designing in the 1970/1980s) and video game concept art from the 80's til today. Plenty of sketches and in progress shots of how the final art gets developed. And of course photo tours of a few of the (awesome) existing "earth home" (smurf mansions) at the end.



Proving the axiom one can't judge a book by it's cover, is Gothic Art Now. Had I not looked through this book I surely would have passed it by, I'm not a fan of manga/anime inspired style art as shown on the cover. However inside there is a whole host of dark and disturbing fantasy art focusing on realism, abstract realism, photography and mixed media dimensional work (sculpture). I'm glad I looked through it, my wallet however is not! lol!



The last pick is the 15th annual Spectrum Awards book for fantasy and sci-fi art produced in the last year. This is a yearly must buy for me, not the least of reasons being many of my online pals from the digital painting and sculpture forum's best work is often featured in here. Spectrum Awards is a contest where artists send in photos or copies of their work to be judged by a new panel of professional artists every year. The winners in each category are chosen and have their work reproduced in the yearly book. Great bragging rights for those featured, and brave enough to submit work for judgment! Unfortunately the Amazon flip-through only shows the introduction and not the actual art pages which is either 1 to 4 pieces per page depending upon the awards.

I think I'll play with my Wacom tonight, that's not really as dirty as it sounds! ;)

(a Wacom Intuos 3 is a digital painting pen and tablet)
Excuse me while I hit you over the back of the head with a blunt object and steal all of your awesome things. :D
LOL @ seedjar.

I like the Dragon's Dream. I have some old Fantasy art books. I always loved the illustrations.
lol! I never used to buy finished art books like this (I love art technique or 'how to' books) but about a year or so ago I started collecting them. Most I've bought at the 1/2 Price Books shops, so today was definitely my most expensive day for art books. For me inspiration is one of my main hindrances on to getting started to work on something. I should come outta these 3 books with at least some ideas for new sketches! ;)