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Thrips..again!! how do I stop these things??

Last time(early june) I had a thrip invasion(in my terrarium) I repotted and treated everything and now they are back......causing general deformation. My nepenthes don't really care for repotting especially the echinostoma. any recommendations on how to kill them without repotting....as of now I am soaking the dirt with neem oil and gassing with c02 but they still haven't went away completely...will the neem oil work if I stay vigilant and continue treatments every few days?

thoughts? recommendations?

thx peeps.
I used Bayer's rose and garden insecticide and it worked very well. Just evenly spray the plants and the top of the lfs and you should be ok.
try doctor doom, hot hot shot pest strips. Both are poisonousness fyi, but as long as you arent eating anything this stuff touches.

The hot shot strips get rid of many plant pests including spider mites very efficiently
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Hot Shot pest strips work, but they're also toxic as all hell. On the label it says you shouldn't use it in any enclosed area that will be inhabited within four months of using the strip. Just look up ddvp.

As for treating thrips, I agree with Heli in that you should go for the Bayer Rose & Flower, which uses imidacloprid as the active ingredient - a systemic that takes away the guess work.

I'm sure the other suggestions work well, too.
Unfortunately my plants are always suffering from thrips as well. However, I still haven't found an effective solution. I have too many plants on two balconies and in many parts of the house, so they always find a safe spot to hide and come back after the insecticide wears off...

I am keeping the top part of the soil as dry as possible now and I wait a good while between waterings. This is the only way I've been able to keep their populations down.