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three new "leaves" coming out of the crown on ceph.

yes, pix is good. i'll take some tomorrow. two if them are definitely flat leaves. the third one, i can't tell yet. since it looks like there are plenty of flat leaves, should i take one off for leaf pulling? is there certain time of the year that is best for the leaf pulling?
I think that the best time is winter, which you can simulate in your tank with shortened photoperiods and slightly lower temps. Depending on the size of the plant it might be good to take a cutting seeing that they can be a bit difficult sometimes. Looking forward to pics. :)
summer is always better for this stuff because then they have a longer photoperiod and cephs slow down in winter so the plants will be smaller in winter than summer.
there is the pix. the leaves are small and in the center. there are bigger leaves outside.

i would wait untill the plant is a little bigger to do leaf cuttings unless it has been growing at a very fast rate lately
Yes I would wait, but if you are planning to make any changes to the plants environment such as repotting, definitely take a cutting. I was foolish enough a year or too ago to repot an adult plant without taking cuttings, and I lost the whole plant. Very nice looking plant BTW.
been watching it for few days and the new flat leave are growing rather fast. i'll have to keep an eye on it. i'm happy i didn't kill it yet :) new Drosera venusta coming in soon. that would be fun.
Good luck with it!
It is far too small to be taking propagating material (leaf pullings) off it yet. Leave it be. Give it a year before taking leaves off for propagation.
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let it grow a bit i think too,but propagate your venusta with leaf pullings instead,i just did with my venusta and i had plantlets appear very quickly,and you can watch them grow as the ceph gets bigger