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This Bromeliad has me stumped

My mom gave this to me a few months ago. She had it at her work and it wasn't getting enough care. I had it inside for a while and it was doing okay but took up t so I had to move it outside. One day I noticed it had brown patches all over the leaves so I thought it was too hot. Moved it into a shade place. It's looking better now bit still not growing much.



I added the rocks on the top to try and boost the humidity a little bit. I don't know what kind of bromeliad it is but I do know it is a tropical variety and flowers yellow. Any ideas on what I can do for it? Thanks.
The spots look like sunburn to me. As for raising humidity why would rocks raise the humidity? I think you're better off filling a tray below it with water to raise humidity, but I wouldn't let it sit in the water. Maybe give it some sort of supplemental lighting. Hope that helps.
I had a tray under when it was inside but I never noticed any difference in hunidity levels unless I actively had a cooler blowing into the pan. I was mainly thinking the rocks would help to capture surface moisture around the plant. They are porous pearl stones. Probably not doing much.

I too thought it was sunburn but it also kind of looks like dollar apots but no red aroumd the apots as is usually seen. I can't really add much supplemental lighting to It unless I move it inside and I don't have any room.
This looks a lot like my poor pineapple plant, so if you figure it out I'd be interested to know too!
Well, I have an easy way to test if its a potassium deficiency as I have fresh tomatoes ready to squeeze. Will keep you posted.

Edit: actually, the plant food I give it monthly has potash in it so I doubt it is a potassium deficiency.
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I spray my broms in my terrarium twice a day. Try that.
I spray it whenever I remember to.... I have it outside on my table on a shady patio. I don't think spraying helps much in that scenario. A terrarium would help, but I don't have anything I can put it in.