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Finally things are picking up in the grow room. No sign of returning pests so hopefully it will be a good summer.

This is N. xTiveyi. Healthy uppers forming and a nice basal:



I have a couple N. platychila uppers right now:

I had to spin this one around:

Love, love, love N. Dyeriana for obvious reasons:

My favorite outdoor plant, N. ventricosa x aristolochioides, the most cold tolerant nepenthes I've ever had, is waking up from the winter. There must be 30 pitchers forming:

Two flowers are evident:

And finally, someone asked about my Predator. When it was in the throes of scale infestation, I put it outside for the winter where it's too cold for them to reproduce. Like a lot of plants I put outside, it got bushy, and seems like it's going to be OK out there:
I'm inpressed!....also...interesting to see how hardy Nepenthes really can be, very cool.
Good looking x Tiveyi.
Everything is looking very nice Capslock, I really liked the N. platychila, thanks for sharing :)
N. ventricosa x aristo is an monster!!! How old is that thing? It's huge.
agreed. the platychila is stunning! hoping for a robust growing season for you this year.
Nice. I'll have to look into a vent x aristo then since I'd like a nepenthes I can leave outside year round.
Wireman - I've had that vent x aristo for many years. It has lived outdoors on my deck year round for about six years I'd guess. It is completely impervious to cold, and has been through many light freezes. It's interesting to see how seasonal it is - I get flowers at the same time every year, and the pitchers stop coming for the winter, and explode again in spring. It's different than the seasonless growing I'm used to indoors.
Good to know everything is back on track, Caps! I know your feeling with that Dyeriana, it's usually the first to throw out a ginormous pitcher!
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Terrific collection you have Capslock.
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