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:-( I've had the same thing happen here. Dang avian thieves are everywhere.
I suspect it's the local bluejay family. They're always hanging around the porch.
Just pick a VFT up at the grocery store Thursday and it looks pretty good right now outside enjoying the sunshine and maybe some rain if we get any? so never seen any thing eat my as of yet so will be keeping and eye open for some? How do you grow VFT inside for the winter months?
Hey!! That happened to mine too! I had no idea at all what it was. So do you think it is birds then? Interesting.
They takes the precious!
I have never had this happen to me, but it must suck to come home to find your precious plants robbed by birds! I have found nets keep birds away from my other plants, if it becomes a real problem this might help.
This morning I watering the plants and saw that a D. intermedia plant was just plain MIA, with the media looking ruffled.
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I think it be time for some defensive measures! just go get some clear netting and put it up on stakes in the plant pots.
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Netting or a cage looks like the best approach.
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I used to have a problem with squirrels digging up my VFT pot to hide acorns. My crude solution is to hide it behind a ring of cacti. It does work though.
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I had troublr in the early spring with a bluejay that keep digging up the same plant every morning it never bothered any others , even the same type of plant right next to it in the same type pot and soil
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The Bluejays should stay in Toronto!
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I have had the same problem. VERY MADDENING:mad: !!
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i potted up a new pitcher last week and the very next day it was dug up and the pitchers half eaten.

last summer i had a few vfts dug up and eaten entirely. birds and squirrels be damned!

now im starting to fear for the safety of my drosophyllum
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This is not good... :ohno: ...Especially since I was planning on putting my carnivores outside for the spring. If those :censor: squirrels get to my plants, I am going to genetically engineer a Heliamphora or a Sarracenia to grow to ten times the usual size and feed the squirrels to it. :mwahaha:
Actually, I haven't seen much of the local chipmunk family lately, not that I'm complaining. Do chipmunks even eat flytraps?
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