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The Slack-Jawed Leucophylla

On the topic of oddball Sarrs, I've got this fellow. He's an F1 plant from Baldwin Co., AL. I call him "Bubba Slack-Jaw"

This is the first year I've seen this pitcher shape, so I'm not certain it's genetic or conditional. If I can prove the former, I'm hoping I can list Bubba as a cultivar.

Most of the time when I get abnormal pitchers they are caused by mealybugs.
Was this just a single pitcher on the plant or are all of them exhibiting this ?
Multiple pitchers on that plant had that shape (the photo shows the largest). Within the greenhouse, the fall pitchers are produced early and the plants go into dormancy a bit earlier than outside. Have to wait till next year to see more.

Insects were not present back when I took the photo in Sept. I recently repotted the plant and it's perfectly clean.
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Really cool hope it's like that again next year..