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The Lone Tentacle


Anyone ever have this happen? This is one of my Drosera prolifera plants, which consistently produces leaves with a single tentacle and gland on the stem.
Save that strain!

I have never seen this before in any of my Drosera or Drosera prolifera that I ever grew. I'd love to acquire a clone of your plant some day.

Really neat trait.
Very cool. Have you ever fed the single tentacle? Add me to the list, I want to raise this plant! Would a leaf pulling pass on the trait?
Please post more photos! :D
what the crud? that tentacle is sooo wierd! perhaps u can name this cultivar after you or somethin' if it turns out to be a new one :p
That's actually really cool. You might want to try some leaf pullings (or TC if you can) and get some plantlets out of that guy.
That is so cool! I wonder if that tentacle could catch anything by itself.
Strangely enough, the plant has gone back to producing normal leaves. It produced maybe a dozen leaves in succession that each had the "lone tentacle" on the leaf stem, and now it has produced 4 in a row without it. Here is what the plant looks like now:

Strange, wonder what made it start producing the lone tentacle. Wonder what made it stop . . .