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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter of Australia, article by Bob Ziemer


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The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter of Australia was published and edited by Ken and Susan Hatley of West Australia from June 1979 until March 1981. This publication died a natural death in March 1981 due to both a lack of contributions and because the editors opened a large retail nursery in Perth that consumed their time.

Several weeks ago, Richard Davion kindly sent me hard copies of all 8 volumes. These were then scanned, OCR'ed, and converted to PDF. The object of this scanning project was to conserve these early documents and make them accessible to a broader audience. There was an attempt to approximate the original document, including spelling and typographical errors. Each PDF is about 1 MB. They can be found at:


Thank you to Bob Ziemer for this wonderful contribution!  And many thanks to Richard Davion for efforts to preserve this material and pass it along.