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The "boys"

Figured I'd post some pics of the plants and see if I could get some input. This will be some of my neps. I'll do the others another day.

My largest nepenthes. A ventrata.

My pride and joy my robcantleyi.

"Lake poso dwarf"

And the base of my ventrata up close.

I think they're doing good but I figured I'd get the opinions of those that know more than I.
All your plants seem fine. The only advice I'd give is that indoor grow carnivorous plants can almost always use more light. This does not mean that yours are not getting enough, as they are pitchering, but that you can probably get deeper colors out of them with some supplemental lighting or a brighter window, especially during the winter when days get shorter.
I set up posterboard and held a light specifically for these pics. The only one I worry about light for is that ventrata cause its so long it's above the light now.
Look good, if I were you I'd take cuttings of that ventrata though.

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I did. I cut two vines that length and got 9 cuttings all told.